Abdou Bensouda, Finatech Group Chief Executive Officer, Announces Partnership With Legal Suite

Abdou Bensouda, CEO of Finatech Group, announced a partnership with Legal Suite. By means of its Artemis activity, Finatech has partnered with Legal Suite and both companies concentrate on publishing software devoted to legal and tax matters. The focus of this partnership is that they can now offer joint customers the best of their expertise.

Finatech Group develops various partnerships to enhance the relevance of its global offering. It engages in technology and industrial partnerships. Moreover, it involves in project development and funding partnerships and local partnerships. Partnerships enable Finatech to build custom solutions to boost the level of expertise brought to its customers.

The two companies will implement and promote a modular software legal management Legal Suite. A particular feature is to supply legal professionals a broad array of modules customized to each area of activity. These activity areas include internal consulting, real estate, litigation, management contracts, and more.

Abdou Bensouda Describes Finatech Group Capabilities

Finatech is known as the leading system integrator for renewable le energy in Morocco, but the company’s capabilities are extensive.

According to Abdu Bensouda, Chairman and CEO of the Finatech Group, Finatech is a global IT services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of its clients.

Finatech delivers end-to-end Systems & IT-enabled business solutions, including software design & development, IT consulting & implementation, Systems integration, engineering & maintenance, managed services, IT help desk, Customer contact center services (BPO) and infrastructure management services.

The core competency of Finatech is project management in an end-to-end technology execution process, delivered through:

  • World’s best delivery process
  • Strong partnership and governance model
  • Specialization in different business verticals of the industry
  • Continuous improvement

Finatech’s value proposition in its delivery model is:

  • Committed cost savings
  • Commitment to support customers through a long-term relationship
  • Demonstrate flexibility in the customer relationship

Finatech operates through its global centers in the U.S., Europe and Africa. It delivers IT & BPO services, Outsourcing & Off shoring solutions in the U.S. and Europe, and provides Systems & Infrastructure Engineering services in Africa in the Energy, Telecom and Banking sectors.

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